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Indiana Math and Science Academy North
7435 N. Keystone Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46240
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Spanish Teacher

Spanish Teacher Grades 6-12 Campus: Indiana Math and Science Academy North
Position Overview: The World Language Teacher will be responsible for successfully teaching the foreign language programs at the High School and Middle School levels.
Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare lectures to deliver to high school and middle school students about basic principles of the Spanish language as well as information related to Spanish culture
  • Develop course materials which includes handouts, essays, and additional homework assignments
  • Facilitate classroom discussion in Spanish
  • Evaluate students’ performances, including grading homework assignments and making note of how well students participate in discussions Generate student-centered activities for developing communicative competence
  • Participate in school-wide activities, such as workshops and special events
  • Act as an advisor for student clubs, which can entail the Spanish club, but could also extend to other organizations as you see fit
  • Speak with students’ parents to inform them of their child’s progress in the classroom
  • Collaborate with other teachers to develop school-wide showcase
  • Evaluate student progress

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in a foreign language
  • Certification to teach in the state
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in writing, speaking, and reading Spanish
  • Ability to lead a classroom
  • Ability to make each student feel safe


  • Prior experience teaching in a classroom
  • Team player with the ability to take initiative
  • Certification to teach in the state

All staff and students are required to wear a mask.


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